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Date:2004-11-23 13:45
Subject:Pharoh in tha hizzy!
Mood: <-- I'mma kill this.

I sorry for fogetting to tell stuff. It got all freaky up in here. A kitty (wrathofmoofy) he was IN MY CRIB. For nearly a hundred years he was! Then he went to live somewhere else. Or he died. They don't tell me. But there he is wif a LJ. You could smell him the other day from seomthing that is too big to be seen with the nekkid eye but might be random beanage in the hizzy. It confuses me when more than one bean is in here.
But let me tell about the kitty that was in. He and the_hepcat (he never update either yo) they hate each other. And there was fighting. Real fighting and puma sounds. And I saw the whole thing from on top the icebox. Also, I am bigger than Hep now. And I liked Hep and Moof just fine but Hep and Moof did not like each other. I can't tell why. I sed Moof is a good kitty, but Hep say he a bad cat.

I hope all my kitty friends is good, now I'm goin up the icebox to bathe and practice my ninja skillz.

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Date:2003-12-23 16:11
Subject:A story of my 'hood

Heres why I don't complain when we never get to go out, ever.
When I was a baby kitty, it was always outside. With LOTS of other cats! The other cats was the great part! We ahd so many buddies! They taught us some of our early ninja skizzillz.
We were always outside. We never evne saw peoples, but our mama did. She said they bringed food and stuff and sometimes they take a kitty, and bring it back, and that cat never had kittns again, and that was good. So, our mama (kitty mama, not bean mama) she was hopin they come get her for the no-kittenin', but she had to take care of us baby kittys first.
It's hot outside. It was hot all the time when we were outside. ANd sometimes things came to scare us, like dogs and stuff, and we are just kittens! That was when I was a kitten, not now. I am a big boy now, I'd kill it. But it was scary when we were small. And mama had to keep us safe from scary things, and from hot, and find us water and stuff to eat, but she coudlnt' catch birds because she was ... mama-big, right? So she wasn't fast like she was before kittens. So she was glad that some peoples left kitty food for her.
Then she says that we kittins are going out. We Got dressed up in our nicest sunday church outfits and went out with mama. She said we are going out on our own, because we are not kittnes no more! So, we went out, yeah, like I said, and we found beans that can no-kitten mama. They got mama, and they got us kittens, adn from then on we were inside. And we really didn't know about peoples, because they are too big to be seen with the nekkid eye. And we were all together until we got no-kittened, then we each went to new famblys and had new brothers and sisters! That's how I met the_hepcat. It was only later I discovered that the large thing that picks up kittys is a bean like that mama told us about and that is thanks to my kitty friends. I didn't know that it was mine, either, til gusterkitty tole me. He a good kitty.

I hope you all like my story of my 'hood. And I hope you other kittys is thankful at xmas that you have inside and not just outside. It's tough growin up in tha 'hood.

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Date:2003-12-21 23:24
Subject:New pics of meeee!

Here's the_hepcat telling me an important secret.

He told me where to find this basket I'm leaning on.

It's the wrong holiday for baskets, I found out later. Iguess I can use it to carry aroudn things that I kill. Imagine being alone and seeing these menacing eyes in the dark! 'Swhat I'm talkin bout! Pharaoh, comin at ya!

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Date:2003-12-19 07:53
Subject:0 Holy Nite

Thanks to the wisdom of gusterkitty, I been takin care of bean. But then she falled asleep and so I went out and we cats all went to the lake.
It was ginormous! Bigger than persons! Bigger than the_hepcat! It was bigger than everything I ever seen!
So first I killed it, then we ate it! Boo-yah! It was like fish, but not like fish, because it tasted like something else. It was a wail. It was! And we ate it! And then we did a kitty song, it goes like this
Go kittys, go kittys, go kittys! And we tried to high-five but we were too full of wail! W00t!

So it was in deed a holy nite!

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Date:2003-12-18 16:17

Yah, I got into the_hepcat's secret room! I found his secret stuff! Boo-yah! Then I kept him out. And then I discovered they no potty in there! Someone let me out, and then put a box ther so we can't keep kittys out.

Now we gott show off for de_poemels.

See, beautfiul kittys, how cute we are?

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Date:2003-12-16 10:39

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 ang_grrrs a-singing.
11 chymerikaens a-commenting.
10 gusterkittys a-squeezing.
9 lord_gingers a-clucking.
8 makaiohs a-twirling.
7 mamasfurryboyss a-tickling.
6 pelethegoddesss a-groaning.
5 platinum polycats.
4 kicking raditzsexs.
3 Canadian sukicats.
2 kitten the_hepcats.
And a valamelmeo in a durian tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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Date:2003-12-16 10:11
Subject:I want me some BOO-YAH

Yeah, so, the_hepcat locks me out daily. I thought I was locking him in, but he said I'm not! He said I'm the one locked out! He says he does secrt things in there when I ain't lookin! He's probably doing ninja training, so he can defeat me. Or, he's going to the checken planet. He doesn't think i know about the chicken planet.
pictures!Collapse )
That picture is kindof old. I'm bigger now! Because I've been killing things. Yesterday I killed a postman. I wasn't gonna do it, but this bully-dog wouldn't shut up about it. I killled a pizza and some dogs and a giant post-it note, too. With my ninja stealth technic.

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Date:2003-12-11 20:28
Subject:I win! Hoo-sha!

Earlier today I trapped Hep in the back room. He was all mad, and hit me, but I stood my ground! I didn't yell "Miaaaaah!" or "Mrouuuu!" or "Meeee!" no matter what them other cats say. Don't you believe it.
Something really cool was on tv. It had giant hairless mouse-things in it. They'd last, like, a whole day! They were HUGE! And no annoying hairs! Ooh yeah, they were mean, and they could fight.

I killed one. Boo-yah!

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Date:2003-12-11 09:28
Subject:Go Pharaoh, go Pharaoh, go Pharaoh!
Mood: predatory

Yah! I killed somethin! I dunno what it was. But it's ded now! I'd show you, but I ate it.

Here's a little secret. At night, when no one is lookin, I sneak up the chimney and go out. I meet some of the other cats and we make loud noises and go to clubs. Sometimes we just go to the skate park. Yeah, we bad!

Hep won't tell me his secrets. Mabye I'll follow him sometime.

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Date:2003-12-10 11:49

Typing is fun! I saw a bird today! Woo!
My brother got me this account. He is so awesome! I try to be just like him, but I can't sit still that long.
I learned some words from tv. Boo-yah is my fave. Also, spoot, crambone, pokemon, and gundam. The best show is that one with the cat and the mouse. If I was that cat, I would totally eat the mouse. I ate a bug the other day. No, wait, that was Hep. He ate a bug, and I was all jealous. I ran over to see if he would share some, but he already ate it all. So now I'm gonna go stake out the bug spot. Later dude!

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